Saleh Stevens is a relatively new aggregate name in world history.

Saleh + Stevens has shown up in aggregate 158,098 times in the recent web searches.  Saleh is an Arabic name, appearing as a variant transcription of Salih.  Stevens finds its roots in English as an Anglo-Norman name. The instances of Saleh Stevens together without respective distinction is 4319. 

To escape religious and political prosecution and the consequences of guilty findings in English courts, Stevens clans (Judith, John, Henry and Nicholas) fled Britain to the United States as part of The Great Migration.

Saleh is commonly known as one of the messengers of Allah. This seer and Prophet Saleh sentenced the Thamud to doom conditioned on their failure to mend their sinful ways.

Prophet, Craftsman, Historian, Musician, Author, Attorney, Engineer, Politician, Criminal, Director are associated with the Saleh + Stevens search.

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Update: Recrawl of the net indicates an increase in the searches associated with the names Saleh and Stevens.  Saleh Stevens as an aggregate search combinations has an average of 300 searches per month in addition to the ?indicator Maryland.  Aggregate name Saleh Stevens occurance increases to 450 searches per month with two key supplemental indicators:  Lawyer and Attorney.  

​Notable changes in the query searches also identify additional terms Saleh Stevens MMA, Saleh Stevens Haircare, Saleh Stevens Clinical Trials and Saleh Stevens Haircare.  IP addresses associated with these searches are most notably found in India, Northeastern United States and Central Europe*.   Anaylses have not included Bing queries of Saleh Stevens Attorney, Saleh Stevens Lawyer, Saleh stevens Maryland and Saleh MMA.  Bing analyses did included Saleh Stevens Healthcare, Saleh Stevens Plea, Saleh Stevens CEO and Saleh Stevens Haircare.  No specific bases for distinguishing the queries have been especially noted outside of manual input. Analysis of of IP addresses also indicates significant usage of proxy servers across 4 continents. These addresses appear to bridged or masked. These addresses circulate, but also appear to be distinguishable from common No Redirect Searches.
New web update:  the aggregator has incorporated additional webcrawlers which load additional search engines Bing, Yahoo and AOL internal search.  Automation has precluded robot indexing.  This preclusion also has left omissions from added indices from search suggestions.  New search suggestions include: Saleh Stevens Sentencing, Saleh Stevens CEO, Saleh Saleh, Saleh Stevens Continental, Saleh Stevens Embezzlement, Saleh Stevens Plea Agreement, Saleh Stevens Yemin, Saleh Stevens NASCAR racing and Saleh Stevens Commentator.  Overall, no material change in queries nor results- no instances of new Google results have occurred since  last update. 

Recent query search update:  HTML rbt no search term disavowed on new query SERP, USDOJ salehstevens bond claim attorney pleads guilty to embezzlement.  User text updated, recurring for publication, query removal or nonpublic domain;  instances of recurrence for Stevens is highlighted as recurring >20, blacklink 16,843.  Pagerank 896, US proxy only. Excerpt (relevant portions) posted here by request:  for example,<<< Stevens…Stevens also agrees… Stevens plea agreement…Stevens purchased…. Stevens also controlled entities… Stevens knowingly… Stevens attorney for insurance…Stevens at all times… Stevens did in fact give…. Stevens personally accounted…>>>>Newer queries have resulted in isolated documents for Tor Browsing deep web access, unindexed on major search engines.  8090,7672*29879,#1241 timed out operation, 6132 broken links, none reported.

​New Query update, with the newest algorithmic change in search engine queries for the keywords Saleh Stevens.  Locations vary with a concentration in the United States.  Counties and states are omitted from the search report;  google separate analytics indicate that US cities with keyword inquiries greater than 20 are New York, Worcester, Green Oaks, Pikesville, Towson, Chicago, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Baltimore, Raleigh and Winston.  Queries external to the United States were limited, Moscow having a keyword inquiry (exact match) of over 100.  70 % of searches originated in google.  Highest percentage of keywords ranking in Bing were Saleh Stevens Continental, Saleh Stevens CEO, Saleh Stevens Twitter, Saleh Stevens Crunchbase and Saleh Stevens Healthcare.  Variants for name have been omitted from this update.